Different types of bonds? Is there a type of extension that's right for me ?

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Nano Bonds:

My most popular hair extension method which involves the placement of an individual hair extension strand, secured with a silicone lined nano bead, which is then secured to the natural hair, with no heat, glue or braiding. These are the smallest of my hair extension methods and are the most discreet. All beads are colour co-ordinated to match the clients hair.

Micro Bonds:

The individual hair extensions works very similar to the nano bond, The only difference is the micro bead is much larger than the nano bead which again is secured to the natural hair with no heat, glue or braiding for added length and volume. Micro beads are also the same colour as the clients root colour to allow the hair extensions to be discreet and not visible to the eye. 

Glue Bonds:

The individual hair extensions are heated on to the clients natural hair. The keratin glue is a extremely strong protein, however keratin hair extensions need to be looked after and removed correctly to avoid any harm to the clients natural hair. Due to its versatile structural properties the removal of these extensions would need a keratin remover.  

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